Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You Thought He Was Your Hero

Starting out he was a charm. Wined and dined you, said all nice things, and kept you safe from harm. He took you to beautiful places, he loved showing you off to many new faces. After the wedding he moved you away. You left your job, your family, friends and your independence, all in one day. As time went on, the niceness turned sour. Little by little, you began to cower. He would often hurt you, call you an idiot, dumb, and stupid. Never the less, he turned out to be no cupid! Soon enough he began putting down your kids. For no good reason, just to hurt you, it was nothing that they did. Being told you are nothing for so long, you started thinking, maybe it was you that was wrong. He had you convinced, without him you will HAVE nothing, you will BE nothing but a zero. To think you wasted the best years of your life, because you thought he was your hero.

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