Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Left Hanging!!!! Really???

The weeks are passing by and my mother still won't let me hang this lawyer through the Florida Bar Association! Mom also refuses to let me call or write to the attorney. She thinks it will harm her case! If she knew about these blogs ,she would KILL ME!! How could this lawyer sleep at night knowing she is leaving an elderly woman broke, hungry, with no home,car, medication,or any financial support from her husband who controled her every dime during the whole 16 years of marriage! Couldn't the lawyer or the judge order the husband to help support her through this 3 year divorce? She gave up everything for this man to cater to him and move where he wanted! He never even let her have her own income tax return money! She gets to leave with NOTHING??? Isn't Florida a 50/50 state? Zero access to all accounts accept her own little nest egg that she cashed in and gave away to the lawyer for doing nothing! Of course I wouldn't leave my mother to the streets, but she has no privacy here, no room or storage of her own, not to mention she is to old and stressed out to deal with my young ones 24-7. She needs peace and quiot and peace of mind!! If this attorney IS REALLY WORKING on this case, why wouldn't she contact my mother and assure her things ARE moving along, and not to worry so much! After paying over $30,000 in Legal fees, she derves a phone call at the VERY LEAST!!!! My mother SHOULD NOT BE LEFT HANGING!

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